• Recent illustration for The Washington Post’s Ready to Rent section. The article was about the dwindling stock of affordable housing in DC, and the takeover of luxury condos. Thanks to AD Allie Ghaman!

  • Here’s a bird “family tree” I recently painted. Hoping to turn this design into a pattern.

  • Recent commissioned piece. Rotund cardinal—-too many crumbs.

  • Here’s a piece I made for an ASOS campaign from earlier this month!

  • A new piece I made for the Globe and Mail’s Book Review. You can read the review for Sandrine’s Case here. Thanks to the always marvelous AD Matt French!

  • Here’s a piece I did for The New Republic a few weeks back. It’s for an interesting—-and kind of depressing—-article on the dire financial situation many regional orchestras face in the US. Thanks to AD Ben Avny!

    Read the article here.

  • "I found the house without difficulty and passed under the archway into the court. The courtyard was barren and deep, like a coffin standing on end."

    Berlin Stories

    Christopher Isherwood


    I went to Berlin earlier this summer for the Young Illustrators Award show during Illustrative 13——a international illustration festival held in the city. In preparation, I read a number of books related to Berlin. Arguably, the mother of them all is Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood. I underlined a number of my favorite passages with the intention of developing a project out of it. Well, that hasn’t happened yet. But I do have this little sketch.

  • A piece I did for a Washington Post article on white privilege from last Sunday, 7/28/13.

    Thanks to AD Marianne Seregi!

  • It’s spring in NYC! Well, kind of.

    A plant I painted for a friend.

  • It's been a while!

    The last month or so has been fairly crazy with holiday festivities, general cheer and over-consumption of food. I am dressed in layers and ready to recount some exciting news.

    I had my first (!) illustration in The New York Times Sunday Review. Many thanks to AD Erich Nagler for the assignment.

    I also found out that my portrait of Edward Gorey will be in the Society of Illustrators LA show in March! Very excited and honored to be showing with a fabulous group of illustrators.

    Finally, I also found out that I’ll be showing work at the Illustrative 13 Festival in Berlin this summer! I’m one of thirty nominees for The Young Illustrators Award. Check out all the great people showing—-totally over the moon and inspired by the work of my fellow nominees. More info soon. That’s all for now!