Fairlight Moderns: The Driveway Has Two Sides

Cover illustration for “The Driveway has Two Sides,” by Sara Marchant. It was commissioned as part of the Fairlight Moderns series by Fairlight Books, a publisher of literary short fiction.

From the publisher:

On an East Coast island, full of tall pine moaning with sea gusts, Delilah moves into a cottage by the shore. The neighbours gossip as they watch her clean, black hair tied back in a white rubber band. They don’t like it when she plants a garden out front – orange red carpinus caroliniana and silvery blue hosta. Very unusual, they whisper.

Across the driveway lives a man who never goes out. Delilah knows he’s watching her too and she likes the look of him, but perhaps life is too complicated already…

AD: Gabriele Gaizutyte/ Designer: Sara Wood